Mixups Card Game

MIXUPS CARD GAME Mixups card game is simple but compelling card game based on mixing up two different animals on the same card, and then playing a hilarious game of SNAP base don spotting if the same animal is on display across the two cards in play. We found Mixups card game really easy to learn ..

Toyi Construction Toy – Recycle Anything As A Toy

Toyi CONSTRUCTION TOY – RECYCLE ANYTHING AS A TOY Toyi is an open ended building/construction system toy allowing children to use their imaginations to build toys by adding Toyi bits to every day objects. We have tested a lot of Construction/Building toys, and normally we found it is quite hard to impress parents and children ..


Sneak’Artz Review Sneak’Artz is a customisable collectable sneaker from Splash Toys. There are 24 to collect, and children can make all kind of fancy designs using coloured pens and stencil in the product. The product also comes with keychains and stickers. Best of all, if children don’t like the design they created they can just ..

Ruby Red Fashion Friends

RUBY RED FASHION FRIENDS One of the great joys of running a product review website like The Toy Verdict is opening a delivery parcel to find something really exquisite inside! Ruby Red Fashion Friends are highly detailed, high quality fashion dolls with clothing style and quality way beyond what is normally found on fashion dolls, ..

Piececool Black Dragon

PIECECOOL BLACK DRAGON REVIEW Piececool is a metal hobby brand which we would describe as being a bit like a cross between origami and traditional hobby kit making. The products come in a sleek package, with multiple flat metallic sheets inside, and from this you can create awesomely detailed models of a wide variety of ..

Metomics T-Rex 3-in-1 Collector Set

METOMICS T-REX 3-IN-1 COLLECTOR SET REVIEW Metomics is an intriguing and appealing Construction toy brand. Featuring metal bricks, Metomics allows kids (and big kids!) to construct long lasting impressive and sleek looking shapes and structures. The T-Rex 3-in-1 Collector Set we tested was very compelling. The bricks feel really good due to their weight and ..

Sassimals Plush Toy Review

SASSIMALS PLUSH TOY REVIEW Sassimals is a fun and funky range of Plush (soft) toys with electronic features. The Sassimals toys we tested made children burst out laughing due to their crazy ways of twirling their necks and their general ‘sass’. Children love to dance along with these toys, but they also love to say ..


STROLLY COMPACT REVIEW   Strolly Compact is a sturdy, well made, stunningly well designed 3 in 1 stroller which folds up small enough to go in the boot of nearly any car. The steering is intuitive and comfortable to the touch, the child’s experience is really strong and the drinks holder is perfect for holding ..

Lego Scooby Doo

LEGO SCOOBY DOO Scooby Doo has been hugely popular since the late 1960s. It’s unique blend of hilarious humour and ghostly sleuthing, combined with the very lovable (& dopey!) Scooby and his entourage make for a very compelling kids TV program. When combined with classic Lego play, we get that rarity – a toy product ..

Lego City

LEGO CITY Lego City is based on real situations. Children can construct and play with real life city scenarios and settings as well as other real life themes. There are a number of Lego City sub-brands, according to Lego’s own website, these include the following: Airport (5 versions including planes & helicopters); Volcano Explorers (6 ..

The Gruffalo

THE GRUFFALO BOOK REVIEW The Gruffalo is a modern classic kids book series. The book feature a wily, canny muse walking through the woods, trying to avoid being eaten by all the other animals. He encounters a snake, a fox and a snake. He tells each of them that they should leave him alone because ..

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR BOOK REVIEW The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a must have classic book for every child. Ever since this book was released back in the 1960’s generation after generation of children and their parents have enjoyed this timeless classic! The premise/story of the book is very simple – a caterpillar becomes very ..

WordStacker Game

WORDSTACKER GAME REVIEW     WordStacker is one of the best word games we’ve ever played. And we’ve played quite a few! What we like most about it is the simple and quick, but very engaging gameplay format. The game is very easy to set up and get into. Players take it in turns to ..

Trolls Movie

TROLLS MOVIE REVIEW   Trolls is a multi coloured cutesy fest of a film! The film features two main sets of characters – Trolls who are very bright and colourful small creatures who love nothing better than a good party and singalong. Unfortunately, they can’t entirely live the carefree life they would want to because ..

Whisper Ride Cruiser

WHISPER RIDE CRUISER   The Step 2 Whisper Ride Cruiser is a stylish and thoroughly well designed ride on/pushalong. As the image above shows, this product is sleek and realistic in design terms, but it isn’t realistic in a grungy way, the styling of the car makes it look fast and glamorous – it’s the ..


Timeline: British History Game

TIMELINE: BRITISH HISTORY GAME Timeline: British History is both a compelling game but also a softly educational tool. The product comes in a packaged tin, with quirky, stylistic embossing on the tin. The game itself is in the form of 110 British History themed cards. Players take it in turns to lay down cards trying ..

Star Wars Dobble Game

STAR WARS DOBBLE GAME      Dobble: Star Wars is a magnificent version of THE modern classic family & party game. The original version of Dobble is highly addictive, featuring funky, quirky visual shapes and motifs of differing sizes. When the card is turned over, players race to match one of the symbols with one ..

Best Lego Batman Sets

BEST LEGO BATMAN SETS REVIEW With an animated Batman-Lego movie due for release in February 2017, interest in Lego’s Batman range seems likely to soar! Lego has long since been particularly good at choosing which movies and brands to work with. In Batman though they seem to have found a particularly strong friend, with an ..

Disney Moana Classic Doll

DISNEY MOANA CLASSIC DOLL REVIEW      Moana is the super slick Disney movie set on a mystical Pacific island. The Moana Classic Doll is everything a doll based on this film should be. The toy comes with a large paddle as the major accessory and a very innovative twist on the packaging. The product ..

Best Lego Minecraft Set

BEST LEGO MINECRAFT SET REVIEW Lego Minecraft combines the two most powerful and popular brands in real world and digital construction play for kids. Lego is THE leader in construciton/building block play, with a ranking as 1st or 2nd biggest toy company in the world just with one brand alone. And there is a reason ..

Pickin’ Chickens

PICKIN’ CHICKENS GAME REVIEW     Pickin’ Chickens has all the components of a classic kids game! The theme of the game is a fox stalking chickens. Players have to spin the entire game unit (a plastic representation of a farm field), take a chicken coop off a space to reveal the colour of chicken ..

Star Wars Rogue One Interactech Imperial Stormtrooper Action Figure

STAR WARS ROGUE ONE INTERACTECH IMPERIAL STORMTROOPER ACTION FIGURE REVIEW       A storm trooper action figure from the new Star Wars spin off movie, with a jet pack & interactive features…erm what’s not to totally love! It would not be an exaggeration to say that our love of toys and this website would not ..

Best Lego Friends Set

BEST LEGO FRIENDS SET REVIEW The Lego Friends product range and brand was launched by Lego because research showed that girls were not playing with Lego anywhere near as much as boys were. While there has been controversy over whether toys should be labelled ‘for boys’ or ‘for girls’, the effect of Lego Friends has ..


Silly Sausage Game

SILLY SAUSAGE GAME REVIEW Silly Sausage is a riotous and addictive handheld electronic game. Aside from the crazy theme of a big red smiling sausage, the game play of Silly Sausage is bound to be compared to Bop It, the classic handheld electronic game. Well Silly Sausage compares very well with Bop It…kids love it, ..

MiP Robot

MiP ROBOT MiP Robot is another high tech toy from those brainy boffins at WowWwee. MiP is a self balancing robot (we believe this makes it unique, but we haven’t reviewed every robot out there so don’t take our word for that!) which you control with hand gestures. The product comes in either black or ..

Disney Princess Belle Musical Tea Party Cart

DISNEY PRINCESS BELLE MUSICAL TEA PARTY CART   The Disney Princess Belle Musical Tea Party Cart is an authentic, flowery play set based on Disney’s classic Beauty & The Beast story. As you’d expect from a cart, it’s portable! Kids can enjoy pushing the cart around. It features a Mrs Potts tea pot, two tea ..

Matilda The Musical

MATILDA THE MUSICAL Matilda the musical show is fantastic – brilliant songs, fantastic acting and stage craft – very, very good all round! The show is surprising in many ways, in that it features a story most of us know well, either from the book or the movie, but yet it manages to be significantly ..

Boy (By Roald Dahl)

BOY (BY ROALD DAHL) Roald Dahl’s Boy is the story of his childhood told by Dahl himself in that fantastic writing style he is so well loved for. Originally published in 1984, this is a timeless classic, a hilarious reflection of a time long since gone. From his experiences at boarding school and the traumatic ..

Best Lego Star Wars Set

BEST LEGO STAR WARS SET Lego Star Wars is a powerful combination of two of the very biggest brands in Toys! Lego provides the structural building play pattern which has been proven in studies to be hugely beneficial for developing the next generation of scientists, engineers & architects. Star Wars adds some iconic structures/space ships/vehicles/characters/creatures ..

Lego Nexo Knights

BEST LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS SETS Lego Nexo Knights is an animated TV program set in a kind of medieval world of the future (if that makes any sense!). It’s a very imaginative setting with a whole host of characters for kids to enjoy, with the Nexo Knights as the heroes and Jestor and the Book ..

Best Lego Sets

BEST LEGO SETS – LEGO REVIEWS Lego is phenomenally popular. It’s combination of creativity & structural learning make it a hugely valuable learning/developmental aid for children, as well as being very entertaining & highly engaging for kids. Here’s some of our favourite Lego sets we’ve tested: Lego Elves 41078 – Skyra’s Mysterious Sky Castle Lego ..

Lego 76057 Spiderman Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle

LEGO 76057 SPIDERMAN WEB WARRIORS ULTIMATE BRIDGE BATTLE    WOW! Lego 76057 Spiderman Bridge Battle is a fantastic construction play set. The product features a whopping 7 stylised minifigures:Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, Scarlet Spider, Green Goblin, Scorpion, Kraven the Hunter and Aunt May. There is also a bridge section, Goblin Glider a taxi and a police ATV. ..

Elena Of Avalor Scepter

ELENA OF AVALOR SCEPTER – TOY REVIEW The Elena of Avalor Scepter toy is an authentic role play accessory toy that will help those fans of the show immerse themselves in a magical Disney play experience! The Scepter has some good features, including two modes – for button or motion operation i.e. the child can ..


EURODISNEY EuroDisney or Disneyland Paris is a full on entertainment attraction park with a combination of super cutesy, high octane and everything in between! There is no doubt that this is one of THE leading amusement parks in all of Europe. The site is packed full of things to do, from interactions with all your ..

Pie Face Game

PIE FACE GAME The Pie Face game from Hasbro is genuinely hilariously funny and very entertaining. It won’t win awards for strategy or extended gameplay – it’s very simple, but often that’s what makes something like this work! The game needs a little bit of assembly, but nothing too daunting (we are assembly-phobic). Once assembled, ..


Star Wars Super Hero Mashers

STAR WARS SUPER HERO MASHERS Star Wars Super Hero Mashers are a fantastic evolution of action figures based on the everlasting Star Wars movie universe. With Star Wars Super Hero Mashers, kids get to mix and mash arms, other body parts and accessories between Star Wars characters. Featuring the iconic characters you would expect i.e. ..

Marvel Hero Mashers

MARVEL HERO MASHERS Marvel Super Hero Mashers are super epic cool collectible, immersive action figures based on favourite Marvel characters including Spider Man, Venom, Wolverine, Captain America, Iron Man, Dr. Doom, Thor etc. The difference from typical action figures though is that Hero Mashers let you mix and mash up the characters, so if you ..

Jungle Speed

JUNGLE SPEED GAME Jungle Speed is great fun. It’s simple but entirely compelling, it’s a quick thinking visual recognition and reaction game and has all the hallmarks of a great Family game or Adult ‘Party’ game. Jungle Speed is published by Asmodee, one of our fave board game publishers (why you ask…because their games are ..

Star Monsters

STAR MONSTERS Star Monsters are lovable mini sized collectible plastic toys, featuring an assembled cast of quirky, funny monsters! Series one comes with 60 different Star Monsters to collect with a lovable array of brightly coloured little monsters (each figure has a distinct number on the base so you can keep track of which ones ..


Disney Pictopia Board Game

DISNEY PICTOPIA BOARD GAME   Disney Pictopia board game is a super glitzy Disney themed family board game featuring images of and questions on much loved Disney characters. The game takes a little time to get into, and there’s quite a lot of ‘stuff’ in the game, which is eventually a good thing once players get ..

Irish Fairy Door

IRISH FAIRY DOOR   The Irish Fairy Door is a charming, lovely imaginative/creative play product. The basic premise of the product is that your child builds a relationship with a mythical Fairy via the Irish Fairy Door. The door is handcrafted wood, and comes with little cute decorative stepping stones. With this kind of product where ..

Disney Frozen Shuffle Card Game

DISNEY FROZEN SHUFFLE CARD GAME Disney Frozen Shuffle Card Game is an educationally beneficial card game based on Disney’s smash hit & much loved movie Frozen. This game is a shape/colour matching. Players take it in turn to play cards featuring ice crystals onto the table. Players are trying to match two of their own ..

Monopoly Junior Shuffle Card Game

MONOPOLY JUNIOR SHUFFLE CARD GAME   Monopoly Junior Shuffle Card Game is a very entertaining, simple to learn and surprisingly addictive card game based on the classic Monopoly board game brand. This card game is a much simplified version of Monopoly – which is to be expected bearing in mind the ‘Junior’ positioning. We’ve played many ..

Teksta Scorpion

TEKSTA SCORPION Teksta Scorpion is a good RC product featuring a rough and tough scuttling Scorpion! We always like it when products are easy to get started with, and Teksta Scorpion is as straightforward as an RC product is going to get. Yes, it does need batteries (4AA & 2AAA), so you have to put ..

Plasticine Softeez Under The Sea Play Box

PLASTICINE SOFTEEZ UNDER THE SEA PLAY BOX Plasticine Softeez Under The Sea Play Box is a top quality creative play product from a long established brand. Plasticine is a very flexible and highly tactile creative play product. Kids can make all kinds of shapes with it, and while they will undoubtedly mix up the colours before ..

Shopkins Food Fair Cupcake Collection

SHOPKINS FOOD FAIR CUPCAKE COLLECTION Shopkins Food Fair Cupcake Collection is a highly collectible toy, which kids love to play with. As with most successful collectible toys, this product is very tactile, and perfectly sized to fit in pockets and to be carried around by children. Also, our past testing has shown us that kids ..

Shopkins Fashion Spree Ballet Collection

SHOPKINS FASHION SPREE BALLET COLLECTION   Shopkins Fashion Spree Ballet Collection is a super cutesy, highly collectible tactile toy! We test many collectible toys through the course of the year. Shopkins is as popular as it gets. The Shopkins Ballet Collection comes with 8 individual Shopkins figures, a play piano with stool & stand. The ..

Pairs In Pears

PAIRS IN PEARS GAME   Pairs in Pears is a fun, quirky educational word game from Bananagrams. The game comes in a Pear shaped carry pouch to ensure full portability. Inside the pouch are 104 very tactile tiles with a letter on each one. There are two games within Pairs In Pears, in both games you ..

In The Night Garden Explore And Learn Musical Activity Table

IN THE NIGHT GARDEN EXPLORE AND LEARN MUSICAL ACTIVITY TABLE     In The Night Garden Explore And Learn Musical Activity Table is a very sturdy, very authentic table top toy which will have fans of the show enraptured! The product is packed full of features for young kids to enjoy, including colours, lights, games ..

Rose Petal Cottage

ROSE PETAL COTTAGE   Rose Petal Cottage from Dream Town is a brilliantly well designed and well made playhouse. Kids love playing Rose Petal Cottage, and it will keep them amused for a long time! Rose Petal Cottage features an opening door with letter box, opening shutters, a working shelf, a mirror and a real ..

My First Spa

MY FIRST SPA     My First Spa from Science 4 You is a high quality science kit which delivers both fun/entertainment and huge educational value. The product comes with loads of stuff: a 36 page educational instruction book, a soap base, blue & yellow cosmetic colouring, apple & tangerine scent, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, ..

Sweet Factory

SWEET FACTORY    Sweet Factory from Science 4 You is both very entertaining/engrossing for kids as well as being highly educational. The product includes 40 experiments which is a huge amount of activity in one box! This product will keep kids entertained for hours and hours. And whereas many science kits do a good job of ..

My Friend Freddy Bear

MY FRIEND FREDDY BEAR   My Friend Freddy Bear is a cuddly smart talking bear – the kids we tested him with loved him and wouldn’t put him down! When you first get Freddy Bear you need to add 3 x AA (LR6) batteries. Then you need to download the App from your App store. We ..

Meccanoid G15 KS

MECCANOID G15 KS      Meccanoid G15 KS robot from Meccano is one of the coolest toys we’ve tested! In terms of ‘Wow’ factor what could be better than assembling your own Robot…? The product does take quite some time to assemble, but that’s kind of the point really – we’d expect it to take ..

Flipsies Sandy’s House & Yacht

FLIPSIES SANDY’S HOUSE & YACHT     Flipsies Sandy’s House And Yacht from VTech is a super cutesy fun playset. The playset comes with some lovely features, the biggest of which is that the playset can be quickly transformed from Sandy’s house to her yacht/ocean liner. This is very useful for Sandy as she is ..

Miles From Tomorrowland Stellosphere

MILES FROM TOMORROWLAND STELLOSPHERE   The Miles From Tomorrowland Stellosphere playset is a great big bundle of spacetastic fun! The playset is an authentic representation of the TV show. The Stellosphere offers more than it might at first appear to – the Stellosphere is a big chunky space craft, playsets nowadays don’t often seem to be ..


ZIGAMAZOOS   Zigamazoos is a loveable cutesy and cheeky plush toy! Zigamazoos are very tactile soft toys with a cheeky difference, when the child squeezes them, the toy sticks it’s tongue out and giggles! We tested the products with a number of kids of differing ages and characteristics, and we found that in general they ..


NEXCHESS   Nexchess is an updated version of Chess featuring more modern movers including: Pawn / Marine Rook / Tank Knight / Helicopter Bishop / Jet  Fighter Queen / General King / President For those who like playing Chess, or for those looking to bring new players into the game, Nexchess is an enjoyable version. ..

Slime Baff

SLIME BAFF   Slime Baff is hilariously slimy and disgusting (in a funny way) bath play product. Parents often find it hard to entice their little darlings into the bath. With Slime Baff you may find the issue is getting them out, not getting them in. In our testing, kids loved Slime Baff – floating ..

Gelli Baff

GELLI BAFF   Gelli Baff is the gooey funny bath additive which makes bath time hilarious fun! For many parents, trying to get kids into the bath can be a real challenge. Gelli Baff can help to make bath time more fun in order to make sure those little stinkers (!) come out smelling better ..

Timeline Card Game

TIMELINE CARD GAME       Timeline is an engagingly simple, highly compelling card game for 2 or more players. One of the biggest grumbles in these days of low attention spans and multi-screening etc. is that games take too long to learn. That isn’t the case with Timeline, the basic principle is effortlessly simple, ..


Kinetic Sand – Sandbox & Moulds Set

KINETIC SAND – SANDBOX & MOULDS SET   Kinetic Sand is an innovative and stimulating compound which in practical terms is a cross between play sand and playing dough. It feels like sand to the touch, but can be moulded a little like dough – it makes for an engaging tactile experience for kids. Children get more ..

Phlat Ball

PHLAT BALL   Phlat Ball is a quirky twist on the timeless play pattern of playing catch with a ball. Playing catch helps children to develop motor skills, co-ordination and dexterity, so we were particularly interested to see how this toy worked. The basic concept of Phlat Ball is that kids can press down (quite ..


ANAGRANIMALS Anagranimals plush toys are adorable cuddly animals in 3 sections. a head, a body and a bottom part. Kids can mix and match the different parts, and with 6 different Anagranimals to collect, the potential combinations are seemingly endless. From an adult perspective the mixing and matching may seem a little ‘so what’ but ..


ZIP IT GAME     ZIP IT from Bananagrams is a surprisingly addictive, highly entertaining quickfire word game. ZIP IT comes in a high quality zipped up travel bag. In the bag are 24 very tactile cube dice with a letter on each side. Once players open the bag, there are very few rules to ..

Miposaur (from WowWee)

MIPOSAUR (FROM WOWWEE)   Miposaur (from WowWee) is a loveable robotic dinosaur featuring high levels of responsiveness, interactivity and fun. All the kids we tested this with (around 20 kids) loved it! They loved the fact that Miposaur would play with them, they loved his/her ‘personality’ and they loved the things they could get it to do. One ..

REV Cars (Robotic Enhanced Vehicles)

REV Cars (Robotic Enhanced Vehicles) from WoWee     REV (Robotic Enhanced Vehicles) is an awesome RC battling cars product from Wowee. REV comes with 2 super cool App controlled cars, which feature some really whizzy technology (according to the box there are 7 patents pending for this product). The technology creates a fantastic platform ..

Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Bag Playset

Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Bag Playset   Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Bag Playset by Flair Leisure Products is a highly popular role play kit for fans of Doc McStuffins. The benefits of role play for young kids has been proven time and time again by studies and research projects – role play allows kids to ..

Lego 41078 Elves Skyra’s Mysterious Sky Castle

Lego 41078 Elves Skyra’s Mysterious Sky Castle   Lego Elves Skyra’s Mysterious Sky Castle is just as fantastic as we expected it to be! This is one heck of a lot of Lego play in a box…the set features 808 pieces in 7 numbered bags, including 3 mini-figures, a Pegasus horse, and owl, a spa ..

Real FX Slotless Racing

Real FX Slotless Racing     Real FX Slotless Racing is a highly immersive, massively addictive RC/car racing experience. Starting with the set up/unboxing experience, the set is remarkably (and very refreshingly) easy to set up and get racing, unlike some other more convoluted sets we’ve tried. The product comes with 2 cars, 2 controllers ..

Barbecue Party Game

Barbecue Party Game Barbecue Party is an entertaining kids skill and action game. The game has a basic premise (usually a good thing with kids games!) – players have to turn over a card, look at the image of barbecue food on the card, then find the pretend version of that item among the pile ..

Og On The Bog Game

OG ON THE BOG GAME      Og On The Bog is very funny, quite disgusting and features simple but highly engaging gameplay! When we saw the publicity for Og On The Bog, we really wanted to try it out, because children tend to love games featuring gross humour. And Og On The Bog really ..


FRUITOMINOES Fruitominoes is a quirky, fun twist on dominoes. As is instantly obvious from the product image shown, it’s a bright and colourful domino set featuring various fruits. We found that while playing dominoes has a clear developmental/educational benefit for kids in terms of observation, deduction and matching skills, traditional domino sets can look a ..

VTech Kidizoom DUO Camera

VTech Kidizoom DUO Camera   VTech’s Kidizoom DUO Camera is the latest (and quite possibly the best!) in the long running, massively successful Kidizoom Camera range. We found this product to be among the best kids electronic products we’ve tested! This ‘DUO’ version of the camera features two cameras, a front facing camera as would ..

SSHH! Don’t Wake Dad Game

SSHH! Don’t Wake Dad Game SSHH! Don’t Wake Dad is an entertaining and suprisingly tension filled game! The game features a board, spinner, cards, movers and a bed featuring a sleeping (snoring) Dad. The idea of the game is to sneak around the board to the fridge in order to pilfer the luscious chocolate cake without ..


Minecraft App Review

Minecraft App Review Minecraft is an immensely popular App for a reason – it features massively compelling gameplay. If you imagined 3d virtual Lego, that’s what you get with Minecraft. It’s an open ended building game which allows kids to construct anything from basic shapes through to large scale recreations of fictional or real cityscapes. ..


Shopping List Memory Game

SHOPPING LIST MEMORY GAME The Shopping List board game from Orchard Toys is a fantastic product. The gameplay is immensely simple, but very compelling for young children and parents. The basic premise of the game is to turn over tiles placed face down (turn over one tile each turn and try to match the turned ..

Best Action Figures

Best Action Figures Here we take a look at what makes the best action figures so good. We will release lists of our favourites in late October/early November each year, but for now we wanted to look at what makes the difference between a top action figure and a bad one! Before we start, if ..

Frenzi Card Game

FRENZI CARD GAME     Frenzi is a brilliantly frenetic high octane card game! The two sided cards in Frenzi consist of a range of different shapes and colours, with a different number of shapes on the 64 Frenzi cards. Players get a base card showing a particular set of characteristics, and then everyone plays ..

Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle

SMART EGG LABYRINTH PUZZLE The Smart Egg is a fun entry point to his kind of handheld physical puzzle. The way it works is that you have the Smart Egg Labyrinth puzzle (as pictured above), and a small plastic stick or wand with round ends. The idea is to insert the wand into the top ..

The Magic Tooth Fairy Game

The Magic Tooth Fairy Game Kids love The Magic Tooth Fairy Game, they love the idea of it, they love the ‘magic’ process of placing a tooth into the bed and seeing it transformed into a gold coin, and they love the simple but engaging gameplay. While the build quality of the bed mechanism is not ..

The Best Of British Board Game

The Best Of British Board Game The Best of British board game is a light hearted and entertaining trivia game. The theme of ‘Britishness’ is quite interesting, and there is a wide variety of questions featured within the game, and with 2400 questions the game offers good repeat play value. The gameplay is simple and ..

Nenuco Bubble Bath Doll

Nenuco Bubble Bath Doll This is a simply delightful product! We tested the product with kids ranging from 2 up to 6 years of age, and all loved it! The main feature of the product is a cutesy doll, which has clearly been designed for use in the bath. While children may often want to take ..

Payday Board Game

PAYDAY BOARD GAME   One thing you tend to find with board games is that the good ones stick around, whereas the dross fades away quickly from view! In the case of Payday the game has been around since way back in 1975, and you just don’t get that longevity for bad games. Payday is ..

Pinypon Boat

Pinypon Boat In case you haven’t come across Pinypon before, it’s a cutesy mini-doll collectible range of toys featuring characters with interchangeable hair, heads, body & legs…sounds a little bizarre but it’s actually quite fun for younger kids, and so we’ve decided the best word to describe it is ‘quirky’! The Pinypon boat is as ..

Fireman Sam Jupiter Drive Time

 Fireman Sam Jupiter Drive Time This product comes as a fairly large bright red plastic unit. Everything about it seemed to be appealing to young kids we tested with. The steering wheel, lever, horn and moving fire engine display were clear highlights, being very tactile and engaging from a sensory perspective. The additional buttons/features include ..

Cool Cardz Design Studio

Cool Cardz Design Studio When it comes to designing and creative play, we find children often get more value out of this type of toy product than they do out of many other types. That is clearly the case with Cool Cardz. The kids we tested with had great fun designing and laminating their own ..

Leapfrog LeapTV Educational Active Video Game System

Leapfrog LeapTV Educational Active Video Game System  The Leapfrog LeapTV gaming system promises to “Get minds and bodies moving”. Our testing showed this promise is very much fulfilled! Not that we’re cynical or anything, but we’re usually sceptical when anyone apart from Nintendo, Sony & Microsoft attempt to launch new console gaming systems…because the level ..

Kidz Delight Tech-Too Smooth Touch Smartphone

Kids Delight Tech-Too Smooth Touch Smartphone Infant age kids really love to copy their parents. In this day and age children constantly see their parents using their smartphones, so it’s no surprise then that kids loveplaying with toy phones. The Kidz Delight Tech-Too Smooth Touch Smartphone is one of the best toy phones we’ve tested because it ..

Leapfrog Read With Me (Violet)

Leapfrog Read With Me (Violet)   Leapfrog’s award winning Read With Me product line offers great educational/developmental benefits while giving children a little portable pal they love! We tested this product via leaving it with families with kids of the target age (between 2-5 years). We usually know if a product is working from a ..

Tech-Too My First Remote Control

Tech-Too My First Remote Control

Tech-Too My First Remote Control is a really good toy for children of infant age.

Children love to emulate their parents in their play activities, so in this case children can role play as being like their parents with this very sturdy toy remote control.

There is more depth to this toy than there might at first appear to be – the product allows kids to pres buttons and hear sounds in response to their actions, but then they can also engage another mode which asks them to find certain numbers, shapes or colours on the remote control and press them with a verbal “well done” when they find the right button.

Additionally, the product allows kids to play in both English and French, just by flicking round a switch. So for parents looking to add a few words of French language to their child’s vocabulary at a young age this could be quite a good start point!

WHO’S IT FOR: Infant age children (i.e. 12-36 months). Clearly children towards the upper end of that age will find the play easier than those at the younger end, but we can see this toy easily lasting throughout that period, meaning great play value.

THE TOY VERDICT: We loved this robust, tactile educational product. It isn’t trying to be too clever or too fancy, just great functionality, fun and developmental impact at a great price. Recommended.