WordStacker Game

WORDSTACKER GAME REVIEW     WordStacker is one of the best word games we’ve ever played. And we’ve played quite a few! What we like most about it is the simple and quick, but very engaging gameplay format. The game is very easy to set up and get into. Players take it in turns to ..

Pickin’ Chickens

PICKIN’ CHICKENS GAME REVIEW     Pickin’ Chickens has all the components of a classic kids game! The theme of the game is a fox stalking chickens. Players have to spin the entire game unit (a plastic representation of a farm field), take a chicken coop off a space to reveal the colour of chicken ..


Pie Face Game

PIE FACE GAME The Pie Face game from Hasbro is genuinely hilariously funny and very entertaining. It won’t win awards for strategy or extended gameplay – it’s very simple, but often that’s what makes something like this work! The game needs a little bit of assembly, but nothing too daunting (we are assembly-phobic). Once assembled, ..

Jungle Speed

JUNGLE SPEED GAME Jungle Speed is great fun. It’s simple but entirely compelling, it’s a quick thinking visual recognition and reaction game and has all the hallmarks of a great Family game or Adult ‘Party’ game. Jungle Speed is published by Asmodee, one of our fave board game publishers (why you ask…because their games are ..

Disney Pictopia Board Game

DISNEY PICTOPIA BOARD GAME   Disney Pictopia board game is a super glitzy Disney themed family board game featuring images of and questions on much loved Disney characters. The game takes a little time to get into, and there’s quite a lot of ‘stuff’ in the game, which is eventually a good thing once players get ..

Pairs In Pears

PAIRS IN PEARS GAME   Pairs in Pears is a fun, quirky educational word game from Bananagrams. The game comes in a Pear shaped carry pouch to ensure full portability. Inside the pouch are 104 very tactile tiles with a letter on each one. There are two games within Pairs In Pears, in both games you ..


NEXCHESS   Nexchess is an updated version of Chess featuring more modern movers including: Pawn / Marine Rook / Tank Knight / Helicopter Bishop / Jet  Fighter Queen / General King / President For those who like playing Chess, or for those looking to bring new players into the game, Nexchess is an enjoyable version. ..


ZIP IT GAME     ZIP IT from Bananagrams is a surprisingly addictive, highly entertaining quickfire word game. ZIP IT comes in a high quality zipped up travel bag. In the bag are 24 very tactile cube dice with a letter on each side. Once players open the bag, there are very few rules to ..

Barbecue Party Game

Barbecue Party Game Barbecue Party is an entertaining kids skill and action game. The game has a basic premise (usually a good thing with kids games!) – players have to turn over a card, look at the image of barbecue food on the card, then find the pretend version of that item among the pile ..

Og On The Bog Game

OG ON THE BOG GAME      Og On The Bog is very funny, quite disgusting and features simple but highly engaging gameplay! When we saw the publicity for Og On The Bog, we really wanted to try it out, because children tend to love games featuring gross humour. And Og On The Bog really ..


FRUITOMINOES Fruitominoes is a quirky, fun twist on dominoes. As is instantly obvious from the product image shown, it’s a bright and colourful domino set featuring various fruits. We found that while playing dominoes has a clear developmental/educational benefit for kids in terms of observation, deduction and matching skills, traditional domino sets can look a ..

SSHH! Don’t Wake Dad Game

SSHH! Don’t Wake Dad Game SSHH! Don’t Wake Dad is an entertaining and suprisingly tension filled game! The game features a board, spinner, cards, movers and a bed featuring a sleeping (snoring) Dad. The idea of the game is to sneak around the board to the fridge in order to pilfer the luscious chocolate cake without ..

Shopping List Memory Game

SHOPPING LIST MEMORY GAME The Shopping List board game from Orchard Toys is a fantastic product. The gameplay is immensely simple, but very compelling for young children and parents. The basic premise of the game is to turn over tiles placed face down (turn over one tile each turn and try to match the turned ..

The Magic Tooth Fairy Game

The Magic Tooth Fairy Game Kids love The Magic Tooth Fairy Game, they love the idea of it, they love the ‘magic’ process of placing a tooth into the bed and seeing it transformed into a gold coin, and they love the simple but engaging gameplay. While the build quality of the bed mechanism is not ..

The Best Of British Board Game

The Best Of British Board Game The Best of British board game is a light hearted and entertaining trivia game. The theme of ‘Britishness’ is quite interesting, and there is a wide variety of questions featured within the game, and with 2400 questions the game offers good repeat play value. The gameplay is simple and ..

Payday Board Game

PAYDAY BOARD GAME   One thing you tend to find with board games is that the good ones stick around, whereas the dross fades away quickly from view! In the case of Payday the game has been around since way back in 1975, and you just don’t get that longevity for bad games. Payday is ..


Articulate Board Game

Articulate board game has been around for a long time – over 20 years in fact we believe. And throughout that time it has been a top selling game. That doesn’t happen to bad games! The reason for Articulate’s ongoing success is that it is a genuinely great game. Not over complicated, hugely social and ..

The Logo Board Game

The Logo Board Game is a very good trivia based board game for adults. Logo has been one of the biggest new games/brands launched in the board games category in the last decade. Quite often a new game will do well in the first year due to advertising and a cool concept. But the proof of the ..


Dobble/Spot it Review

Dobble/Spot It Game Review    This is a very special review for us, because the game we are reviewing is genuinely our favourite party game! The game is called Dobble in the UK & Europe, and Spot It! in North America. Don’t ask us why the game has different names in each region – because ..