Sneak’Artz Review Sneak’Artz is a customisable collectable sneaker from Splash Toys. There are 24 to collect, and children can make all kind of fancy designs using coloured pens and stencil in the product. The product also comes with keychains and stickers. Best of all, if children don’t like the design they created they can just ..


Irish Fairy Door

IRISH FAIRY DOOR   The Irish Fairy Door is a charming, lovely imaginative/creative play product. The basic premise of the product is that your child builds a relationship with a mythical Fairy via the Irish Fairy Door. The door is handcrafted wood, and comes with little cute decorative stepping stones. With this kind of product where ..

Plasticine Softeez Under The Sea Play Box

PLASTICINE SOFTEEZ UNDER THE SEA PLAY BOX Plasticine Softeez Under The Sea Play Box is a top quality creative play product from a long established brand. Plasticine is a very flexible and highly tactile creative play product. Kids can make all kinds of shapes with it, and while they will undoubtedly mix up the colours before ..

Kinetic Sand – Sandbox & Moulds Set

KINETIC SAND – SANDBOX & MOULDS SET   Kinetic Sand is an innovative and stimulating compound which in practical terms is a cross between play sand and playing dough. It feels like sand to the touch, but can be moulded a little like dough – it makes for an engaging tactile experience for kids. Children get more ..

Cool Cardz Design Studio

Cool Cardz Design Studio When it comes to designing and creative play, we find children often get more value out of this type of toy product than they do out of many other types. That is clearly the case with Cool Cardz. The kids we tested with had great fun designing and laminating their own ..