My Friend Freddy Bear

MY FRIEND FREDDY BEAR   My Friend Freddy Bear is a cuddly smart talking bear – the kids we tested him with loved him and wouldn’t put him down! When you first get Freddy Bear you need to add 3 x AA (LR6) batteries. Then you need to download the App from your App store. We ..


ZIGAMAZOOS   Zigamazoos is a loveable cutesy and cheeky plush toy! Zigamazoos are very tactile soft toys with a cheeky difference, when the child squeezes them, the toy sticks it’s tongue out and giggles! We tested the products with a number of kids of differing ages and characteristics, and we found that in general they ..



ANAGRANIMALS Anagranimals plush toys are adorable cuddly animals in 3 sections. a head, a body and a bottom part. Kids can mix and match the different parts, and with 6 different Anagranimals to collect, the potential combinations are seemingly endless. From an adult perspective the mixing and matching may seem a little ‘so what’ but ..