Sassimals Plush Toy Review

SASSIMALS PLUSH TOY REVIEW Sassimals is a fun and funky range of Plush (soft) toys with electronic features. The Sassimals toys we tested made children burst out laughing due to their crazy ways of twirling their necks and their general ‘sass’. Children love to dance along with these toys, but they also love to say ..

My Friend Freddy Bear

MY FRIEND FREDDY BEAR   My Friend Freddy Bear is a cuddly smart talking bear – the kids we tested him with loved him and wouldn’t put him down! When you first get Freddy Bear you need to add 3 x AA (LR6) batteries. Then you need to download the App from your App store. We ..


ZIGAMAZOOS   Zigamazoos is a loveable cutesy and cheeky plush toy! Zigamazoos are very tactile soft toys with a cheeky difference, when the child squeezes them, the toy sticks it’s tongue out and giggles! We tested the products with a number of kids of differing ages and characteristics, and we found that in general they ..



ANAGRANIMALS Anagranimals plush toys are adorable cuddly animals in 3 sections. a head, a body and a bottom part. Kids can mix and match the different parts, and with 6 different Anagranimals to collect, the potential combinations are seemingly endless. From an adult perspective the mixing and matching may seem a little ‘so what’ but ..