Whisper Ride Cruiser

WHISPER RIDE CRUISER   The Step 2 Whisper Ride Cruiser is a stylish and thoroughly well designed ride on/pushalong. As the image above shows, this product is sleek and realistic in design terms, but it isn’t realistic in a grungy way, the styling of the car makes it look fast and glamorous – it’s the ..


In The Night Garden Explore And Learn Musical Activity Table

IN THE NIGHT GARDEN EXPLORE AND LEARN MUSICAL ACTIVITY TABLE     In The Night Garden Explore And Learn Musical Activity Table is a very sturdy, very authentic table top toy which will have fans of the show enraptured! The product is packed full of features for young kids to enjoy, including colours, lights, games ..

Rose Petal Cottage

ROSE PETAL COTTAGE   Rose Petal Cottage from Dream Town is a brilliantly well designed and well made playhouse. Kids love playing Rose Petal Cottage, and it will keep them amused for a long time! Rose Petal Cottage features an opening door with letter box, opening shutters, a working shelf, a mirror and a real ..

Fireman Sam Jupiter Drive Time

 Fireman Sam Jupiter Drive Time This product comes as a fairly large bright red plastic unit. Everything about it seemed to be appealing to young kids we tested with. The steering wheel, lever, horn and moving fire engine display were clear highlights, being very tactile and engaging from a sensory perspective. The additional buttons/features include ..

Kidz Delight Tech-Too Smooth Touch Smartphone

Kids Delight Tech-Too Smooth Touch Smartphone Infant age kids really love to copy their parents. In this day and age children constantly see their parents using their smartphones, so it’s no surprise then that kids loveplaying with toy phones. The Kidz Delight Tech-Too Smooth Touch Smartphone is one of the best toy phones we’ve tested because it ..

Leapfrog Read With Me (Violet)

Leapfrog Read With Me (Violet)   Leapfrog’s award winning Read With Me product line offers great educational/developmental benefits while giving children a little portable pal they love! We tested this product via leaving it with families with kids of the target age (between 2-5 years). We usually know if a product is working from a ..