Taco Playbits is a robotic learning system which was successfully funded on crowd funding platform IndieGoGo.

The product comes with a wand reader, and a selection of ‘chips’ which allow children to learn a variety of things: Taco Playbits teaches children how to code in a simple and fun way, it teaches children how to count and do math/s, ABCs, memory, logic and more. Most importantly Taco Playbits does this in a fun way!

There are different packs available depending on how much you want to spend and on which areas you want your child to focus on.

The thing we like best about Taco Playbits is that there are no screens! With children of ever decreasing age spending more and more time on screens, the beauty of Taco Playbits is that while the technology and learning systems are very robust and effective, there is no screen – there is also no internet, youtube or endless games to be distracted by!

WHO’S IT FOR: Preschool aged children from around 3 years of age and upwards should find Taco Playbits to be a fun and effective learning system.

THE TOY VERDICT: Taco Playbits is an innovative and fun way for children to learn. Recommended.

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