Tech-Too My First Remote Control

Tech-Too My First Remote Control

Tech-Too My First Remote Control is a really good toy for children of infant age.

Children love to emulate their parents in their play activities, so in this case children can role play as being like their parents with this very sturdy toy remote control.

There is more depth to this toy than there might at first appear to be – the product allows kids to pres buttons and hear sounds in response to their actions, but then they can also engage another mode which asks them to find certain numbers, shapes or colours on the remote control and press them with a verbal “well done” when they find the right button.

Additionally, the product allows kids to play in both English and French, just by flicking round a switch. So for parents looking to add a few words of French language to their child’s vocabulary at a young age this could be quite a good start point!

WHO’S IT FOR: Infant age children (i.e. 12-36 months). Clearly children towards the upper end of that age will find the play easier than those at the younger end, but we can see this toy easily lasting throughout that period, meaning great play value.

THE TOY VERDICT: We loved this robust, tactile educational product. It isn’t trying to be too clever or too fancy, just great functionality, fun and developmental impact at a great price. Recommended.