Mixups Card Game

MIXUPS CARD GAME Mixups card game is simple but compelling card game based on mixing up two different animals on the same card, and then playing a hilarious game of SNAP base don spotting if the same animal is on display across the two cards in play. We found Mixups card game really easy to learn ..


STROLLY COMPACT REVIEW   Strolly Compact is a sturdy, well made, stunningly well designed 3 in 1 stroller which folds up small enough to go in the boot of nearly any car. The steering is intuitive and comfortable to the touch, the child’s experience is really strong and the drinks holder is perfect for holding ..

Matilda The Musical

MATILDA THE MUSICAL Matilda the musical show is fantastic – brilliant songs, fantastic acting and stage craft – very, very good all round! The show is surprising in many ways, in that it features a story most of us know well, either from the book or the movie, but yet it manages to be significantly ..

My First Spa

MY FIRST SPA     My First Spa from Science 4 You is a high quality science kit which delivers both fun/entertainment and huge educational value. The product comes with loads of stuff: a 36 page educational instruction book, a soap base, blue & yellow cosmetic colouring, apple & tangerine scent, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, ..

My Friend Freddy Bear

MY FRIEND FREDDY BEAR   My Friend Freddy Bear is a cuddly smart talking bear – the kids we tested him with loved him and wouldn’t put him down! When you first get Freddy Bear you need to add 3 x AA (LR6) batteries. Then you need to download the App from your App store. We ..

Barbecue Party Game

Barbecue Party Game Barbecue Party is an entertaining kids skill and action game. The game has a basic premise (usually a good thing with kids games!) – players have to turn over a card, look at the image of barbecue food on the card, then find the pretend version of that item among the pile ..

Shopping List Memory Game

SHOPPING LIST MEMORY GAME The Shopping List board game from Orchard Toys is a fantastic product. The gameplay is immensely simple, but very compelling for young children and parents. The basic premise of the game is to turn over tiles placed face down (turn over one tile each turn and try to match the turned ..

Frenzi Card Game

FRENZI CARD GAME     Frenzi is a brilliantly frenetic high octane card game! The two sided cards in Frenzi consist of a range of different shapes and colours, with a different number of shapes on the 64 Frenzi cards. Players get a base card showing a particular set of characteristics, and then everyone plays ..

Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle

SMART EGG LABYRINTH PUZZLE The Smart Egg is a fun entry point to his kind of handheld physical puzzle. The way it works is that you have the Smart Egg Labyrinth puzzle (as pictured above), and a small plastic stick or wand with round ends. The idea is to insert the wand into the top ..

Tech-Too My First Remote Control

Tech-Too My First Remote Control

Tech-Too My First Remote Control is a really good toy for children of infant age.

Children love to emulate their parents in their play activities, so in this case children can role play as being like their parents with this very sturdy toy remote control.

There is more depth to this toy than there might at first appear to be – the product allows kids to pres buttons and hear sounds in response to their actions, but then they can also engage another mode which asks them to find certain numbers, shapes or colours on the remote control and press them with a verbal “well done” when they find the right button.

Additionally, the product allows kids to play in both English and French, just by flicking round a switch. So for parents looking to add a few words of French language to their child’s vocabulary at a young age this could be quite a good start point!

WHO’S IT FOR: Infant age children (i.e. 12-36 months). Clearly children towards the upper end of that age will find the play easier than those at the younger end, but we can see this toy easily lasting throughout that period, meaning great play value.

THE TOY VERDICT: We loved this robust, tactile educational product. It isn’t trying to be too clever or too fancy, just great functionality, fun and developmental impact at a great price. Recommended.


Dobble/Spot it Review

Dobble/Spot It Game Review    This is a very special review for us, because the game we are reviewing is genuinely our favourite party game! The game is called Dobble in the UK & Europe, and Spot It! in North America. Don’t ask us why the game has different names in each region – because ..