Whisper Ride Cruiser

WHISPER RIDE CRUISER   The Step 2 Whisper Ride Cruiser is a stylish and thoroughly well designed ride on/pushalong. As the image above shows, this product is sleek and realistic in design terms, but it isn’t realistic in a grungy way, the styling of the car makes it look fast and glamorous – it’s the ..

REV Cars (Robotic Enhanced Vehicles)

REV Cars (Robotic Enhanced Vehicles) from WoWee     REV (Robotic Enhanced Vehicles) is an awesome RC battling cars product from Wowee. REV comes with 2 super cool App controlled cars, which feature some really whizzy technology (according to the box there are 7 patents pending for this product). The technology creates a fantastic platform ..

Real FX Slotless Racing

Real FX Slotless Racing     Real FX Slotless Racing is a highly immersive, massively addictive RC/car racing experience. Starting with the set up/unboxing experience, the set is remarkably (and very refreshingly) easy to set up and get racing, unlike some other more convoluted sets we’ve tried. The product comes with 2 cars, 2 controllers ..

Scalextric Quickbuild: Demolition Derby

┬áScalextric Quickbuild: Demolition Derby Let’s start with the fact that we’re big fans of Scalextric! So any Scalextric product we look at is measured against both huge positive enthusiasm and also very high expectations. The Demolition Derby (Quickbuild) version is a fusion of the typical slot car racing experience, with the thrills and spills of ..