Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle


The Smart Egg is a fun entry point to his kind of handheld physical puzzle. The way it works is that you have the Smart Egg Labyrinth puzzle (as pictured above), and a small plastic stick or wand with round ends. The idea is to insert the wand into the top of the puzzle and then by manipulating it around and back and forth to try to get it out at the bottom.

We tested two versions of the Smart Egg – the ‘Skull’ and the ‘Techno’. The Skull was the harder of the two, with a difficulty rating of ‘9’ versus the Techno which rates as ‘7’ on the difficulty scale. The scale goes right the way down to ‘3’.

Now one of the really difficult things when testing/reviewing a product like this is that how challenging/how much fun it is varies widely from person to person, because we all have different levels of spatial awareness/physical puzzling aptitude, and some people like this kind of puzzle and some don’t. With the Smart Egg, we would suggest having reviewed it with a number of different ages and aptitudes that the Techno version is comparatively easy compared to other comparable physical puzzles, while the Skull is a reasonable degree harder, but probably not hard enough to satisfy ardent physical puzzlers with lots of aptitude for this kind of thing.

The tactile experience is usually very important with products like this i.e. if it feels good, and if it has an addictive mechanism then it vastly increases the attractiveness of the overall offering.

We found both versions to be well constructed and put together. The wand felt a little lightweight, but we bent it back and forth to see if it would break, but it didn’t. In fact at some points (due to frustration, mainly on the Skull Smart Egg) we bent the wand round corners to see if it would help us (it didn’t by the way, but it didn’t break either despite considerable exertion being applied!).

WHO’S IT FOR: Entry level puzzlers from around 8 upwards. The versions we tested are not likely to offer a significant challenge to hardcore physical puzzlers with high levels of aptitude, although harder challenges might be available within the range.

THE TOY VERDICT: Overall we found the Smart Egg to be fun. The Skull was fairly challenging, but not bang your head on the wall challenging (versus other physical products we have tried which we really hated by the end of the process!). The Techno was fairly simple, although fairly compelling. In both cases we found ourselves motivated and fulfilled enough by the experience to keep going back to it to do it again. We think the Smart Egg will work well as a gift or as a little bit of fun for yourself.

WHERE TO BUY: The Smart Egg is available in Waterstones and other leading retailers. Or to buy from Amazon just click the following links:
Labyrinth Smart Egg – TECHNO – Puzzle

Labyrinth Smart Egg – SKULL- Puzzle




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