Monopoly Junior Shuffle Card Game

MONOPOLY JUNIOR SHUFFLE CARD GAME   Monopoly Junior Shuffle Card Game is a very entertaining, simple to learn and surprisingly addictive card game based on the classic Monopoly board game brand. This card game is a much simplified version of Monopoly – which is to be expected bearing in mind the ‘Junior’ positioning. We’ve played many ..

REV Cars (Robotic Enhanced Vehicles)

REV Cars (Robotic Enhanced Vehicles) from WoWee     REV (Robotic Enhanced Vehicles) is an awesome RC battling cars product from Wowee. REV comes with 2 super cool App controlled cars, which feature some really whizzy technology (according to the box there are 7 patents pending for this product). The technology creates a fantastic platform ..

SSHH! Don’t Wake Dad Game

SSHH! Don’t Wake Dad Game SSHH! Don’t Wake Dad is an entertaining and suprisingly tension filled game! The game features a board, spinner, cards, movers and a bed featuring a sleeping (snoring) Dad. The idea of the game is to sneak around the board to the fridge in order to pilfer the luscious chocolate cake without ..